• Your Research, Our Model

    Our intuitive financial models are complementary to research of our buy-side and sell-side clients

  • Our value proposition

    Help you focus on your core competency

    Intuitive and flexible

    Our financial models are very easy to understand and offer a structure which can be customized according to views

    Simple yet comprehensive

    We re-structure and turn company's complex business structure into simple yet comprehensive model

  • About Annexure

    Redefine financial modeling with the help of technology.

    Deep insights

    Our team is composed of Seasoned Equity Research Analysts who have at least 4 years of industry experience with top Investment Banks as well as Asset Management firms.


    We offer innovative financial modeling solutions with the help of technology which help our clients save time and focus more on their core competency.

  • Management team profile

    Our partners have solid experience in investment space across regions and sectors. Together, we have accumulated over 40 years experience in the financial industry offering consulting and advisory services to investors.

    Kenneth Lai, CFA

    Managing Partner

    • Background: Kenneth has over 6 years experience working in both Buy and Sell sides investment research in leading financial institution firms from Kuala Lumpur & Shanghai. His sector of expertise include agriculture commodity in the ASEAN region.
    • Education: Kenneth holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Monash University in Australia. He is also a CFA charterholder.

    Firdavs Olimov, CFA

    Managing Partner

    • Background: Born in Uzbekistan, Firdavs has over 8 years of experience as an Equity Analyst covering multiple sectors across the APAC region. Previously, he was also responsible for managing Banking and Leasing investment projects in Uzbekistan at Daewoo Capital.
    • Education: Firdavs started in International Economic Relations at University of World
      Economy & Diplomacy before transferring to Korea University. He holds a B.S in
      Business Administration & MBA from Korea University, Seoul as well as a CFA charter.
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