• Sectors

    We are sector agnostic but focus on below sectors

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    Financial Services

    Key themes: privatization, FinTech, capacity building

    We are working with our clients in banking, leasing and micro-credit sectors by offering below services:

    • Strategy Consulting for entry into Uzbekistan
    • Advise investors during the process of privatization of commercial banks
    • Capacity building/training for commercial banks
    • Introducing FinTech solutions to commercial banks and FinTech companies in Uzbekistan
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    Real Estate

    Key themes: Urban Development

    Construction sector is one of the fasting growing sectors in Uzbekistan. We help our clients with market research, strategy consulting, project sourcing, feasibility study, etc. Selected project references:

    • Yunusobod Business City project - Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    • Sergeli Industrial Park - Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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    Key themes: investments, exports, capacity building

    Agriculture sector is one of the largest contributor of Uzbekistan's GDP which has high export potential and is going through transformation period. Our services in this sector include:

    • Market research
    • Marketing (export-import) consulting
    • Introduction of new technologies
    • Capacity building for the participants of value chain
    • Investment consulting for foreign investors
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    Utilities (Communal services)

    Key themes: investments via PPP, capacity building

    Large part of the utilities sector of Uzbekistan is built long time thus requires modernization. Also there is a need to build new infrastructure facilities driven by fast growing population and economic growth in the country. Annexure is working with foreign investor on PPP projects in district heating and water supply sectors.

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    Key themes: Investments via PPP

    Transportation sector (roads, railways, airway) offer many investment opportunities given Uzbekistan's strategic location in Central Asia and being part of China's One Belt One Road initiative. We are working on number of projects in road (toll road), railways (toll tunnel) and airport segments.

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    Key themes: Investment via PPP, renewable energy

    Growing energy demand and change in energy mix (increase the portion of renewable energy in the mix) are key themes in the sector.

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    Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

    Key themes: Investment via PPP, registration of products

    We help foreign companies with entry into Uzbekistan by registering medicines and medical equipment. We also offer market research, project sourcing and investment consulting services for building private hospitals and clinics.

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    Key themes: investments, exports of cotton yarn

    • Advise on investments into textile sector
    • Consulting on export of cotton yarn 
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    Key themes: investments, entry of foreign institutions

    • Assisting foreign educational institutions with their entry in the country
    • Investments in private educational institutes via PPP